長者體適能專業證書 】

As more people are living longer and seeking to live healthier lives, the demands on the fitness professional for older population continue to grow. This fast-growing population will control most of the wealth and is highly motivated to get and stay healthy. Understanding specific fitness considerations for seniors is imperative to optimizing your older adult clients' workouts and exercise routines as an Elderly Functional Training Specialist.

【長者體適能/長者健體教練教練 - 6堂理論及實踐】


長者體適能教練課程的需求及要求愈來愈高, 我們專業課程既全面又深入淺山解讀長者體適能訓練,為在職的體適能、個人健身教練而設。課程內容理論及實踐兼備,理論由營養至心理全面覆蓋,同時備有充足實習時間,教導學員如何為長者設立簡易又合適運動。


1. 長者運動解剖學及運動生理學 Anatomy and exercise physiology of older clients 

2. 了解與老化相關的慢性疾病,以及如何針對這些疾病進行訓練 Understanding of chronic conditions associated with aging and how to incorporate exercise for these conditions. 

3. 長者的營養學 Nutrition for older adults  

4. 長者的體能評估 Fitness assessment for older adults

5. 長者的肌力訓練 Muscular strength and power training for older adult  

6. 長者的心肺功能訓練 Cardiovascular training for older adult

7. 長者的柔軔性和靈活性 Flexibility and mobility for older adult  

8. 長者的關節穩定性和平衡訓練 Joint stability and balance training for older adult

9. 如何帶領長者運動班 Group training for older adult

10. 長者的訓練目標設定和激勵技巧 Goal Setting and motivation techniques for the older adult


對象: 任何對長者體適能有興趣人士

Assessment: Written examination (60%) Practical (40%) 

7 CEUs

評估方式: 筆試 (60%) 實習 (40%)

學分: 7 CEUs